Smart Bro Unlisurf: Smartbro Prepaid Unlimited Surfing Promo

by Ronald Redito on March 27, 2010

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SmartBro Prepaid Plug-it has unlimited surfing promo. I guess this was running for weeks now but I am not aware because most of the time I am using my SmartBro roofmount at home. I’ve been with SmartBro for more than 2 years now because of the nature of my job.

You can check out one of my homebased jobs:

If you are a heavy user like me and you need to be outside, then the Prepaid Plug-it is the best.

I purchased a separate prepaid account to use when I am staying in Manila. It is very useful when there is no free WIFI in the hotels where we stay. Some hotels are also offering WIFI service but the rates are quite expensive and impractical.

Smartbro Unlisurf

Using SmartBro Unlisurf, you can get 5 days of unlimited surfing for only 200 pesos. So that’s only 40pesos per day. That means great savings. If you use 8 hours each day, that’s 160 pesos. You save 120pesos.

There are 2 ways to avail the promo:

1. Registration through SMS: Text UNLISURF 200 to 2200 using your Smart Bro account.

2. Registration through the Web: Log on to

Now, I can surf and work anywhere and anytime of the day.

For more info, visit

Smartbro Prepaid Plug-It

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