32 thoughts on “BDO Online Banking to Pay SmartBro and Other Bills”

  1. Hi Thanks for visiting. Visiting your site but I think it’s currently down. BDO is convenient in paying my bills. Sadly, I’m getting hooked to credit card. lol

  2. How do I enroll in BDO online banking to pay bills and check for credit card transactions.


  3. finally!! i’ve been inquiring smartbro about this and their support does not have any idea at all!!!

    Thanks for sharing this….

  4. @pam: Just follow the same procedure po in enrolling.

    You should go to:
    1. Merchant tab
    2. Choose “MERALCO” in the merchant name field
    3. Input the Service ID Number (S.I.N.) excluding the dash in the Subscribers ID Field (found on your Meralco bill)
    4. Input the Subscriber’s Name as reflected in your Meralco bill
    5. Check internet banking on the Channels section
    6. Click Submit

    You can now wait for it to be approved. Once approved, you can see it in your enrolled merchants dropdown when you pay your bills.

  5. having this kind of things makes us to pay a lot more easier.. im an IT student but i still have the anxiety to do this things.. kinda scary though it involves money..

  6. hi, what are the steps to enroll Digitel bills on BDO internet banking., please help.. thanks in advance!

  7. alam ko dapat accurate ang account number/subscriber number sa pag fillup.. pero ang tanung panu kung sumala ng isang letter sa account name. good pa rin kaya yun?

    Thanks sana may makasagot

  8. @jelly ann add ka ng 0 na prefix(sa unahan) para sa service number at i-exclude mo yung dash, so dapat 11 digits na sya.

  9. bkt ganun ayaw maadd ng meralco s internet banking ko . isang zero lng b dadagdag s unahan? subscriber number isnot valid daw. kainis :(

  10. question magppay n sna ako kaso ayaw?invalid payment? anu b llgay sa atm phone ref?5 digit sa atm phone ref sa dulo ung nilgay ko ? or becoz due date nya is july 22 until july 26 lng pde byran ryt.ang july 24 n ngaun? 4 days after due date.


  11. Can you do payment online too if the smartbro account is not your name like it’s mother’s name and I wanna pay it using my BDO online?

  12. salamat senyo, nkpg enroll narin ako ng meralco account ko sa lintik na bdo na yan hehehe…
    pnu naman po mag fund transfer – online or atm – from BDO account to allied bank/metrobank account??? hirap gamitin ang online banking service ng bdo…

  13. do i really need to register my account online before i can pay using myy atm card to smartbro account? i wanted to register at bdo site but i dont know how.

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