NBI Clearance Requirements and New Location in Caloocan City

Hey guys,

You might have noticed that I only have 3 blog posts this month prior to this. No, I am not retiring in the online business nor going back to the regular day job or call center. Never again! That’s for sure. Making money online in the Philippines is more profitable and enjoyable!

I am here in Manila accompanying my girl friend in processing her requirements for overseas employment. I have learned a lot from the experience and thought that these would be beneficial to my visitors. There are a number of requirements to submit and you need firsthand experience in order to save time and energy. It is better to research online to know the exact location of the offices you need to transact with.

In this post, I will deal on how to get NBI Clearance.

If you are getting your Clearance in Metro Manila, the NBI Clearance Center has moved to a new location. You can find it at the 5th Floor of Victory Central Mall in Caloocan City.

View from 5th Floor of Victory Central Mall: New NBI Clearance Center Location
NBI Clearance Caloocan Releasing Counters

The former location was at Carriedo Plaza Building, Carriedo St. cor Estero Cegado and Sales St., Quiapo, Manila. DON’T GO THERE!!! Lol

So what do you need to bring to get an NBI clearance?

If you are a first time applicant, bring any of the following:

NBI Clearance Requirements

***In the absence of any of the above, a birth certificate issued by NSO may be presented.

For Renewal:

a. Personal Copy of the old NBI Clearance issued not earlier than 1994. Photocopy is not accepted.

b. In the absence of the old NBI clearance, applicant is required to accomplish a new Application Form (Fingerprint Card).

How much do you need to pay?

The fee depends on the purpose of your application:

1. Naturalization, Cancellation on ACR, Repatriation: Php 415.00

2. Change of Name, Business License, NFA, SEC, TBC, Adoption, POEA, PRA Requirement, Permit to Carry Firearm.: Php 165.00

3. Travel Abroad, Immigration Requirement, Visa Seaman, Seaman’s Book, TBC for RTO, Marriage Requirement.: Php 115.00

4. Local Employment, Customs Pass ID, Enlistment AFP, DND, DOT Requirement, ID Purposes and Other Requirement.: Php 115.00

For those with old NBI clearance or renewal applicant, you may proceed to the following Kiosks in the following locations:

Park Square I, Makati City

SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Tutuban Center Mall, Divisoria Manila

HK Sun Plaza, Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City

Important note: If you have “HIT” issue or with the same name, don’t go to these kiosks. My girl friend queued for 4 hours in SM Megamall but advised to go to the main clearance center in Caloocan City because of the HIT issue.

For more questions, please refer to FAQ page: http://www.nbi.gov.ph/faq.htm

You next concern is the process inside the clearance center. Please refer to NBI Clearance Processing System. http://www.nbi.gov.ph/clearance1.htm

Good luck.

Kindly share your NBI Clearance experience here.

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205 thoughts on “NBI Clearance Requirements and New Location in Caloocan City”

  1. The NBI processing in the Philippines is a crazy maze of nonsence steps. If the NBI already has an unique ID, what is the problem with the namesake ???

    Apart from this, the barcodes dont realy work do they?
    My wife has had 2 NBI and the code is never readable!!!

    Is simply a third world country system in place made to complicate evryone’s lives…

  2. Rui,

    I resent your last statement… People like you makes the system worst than it is… If you did not made the right choice during election or if you didn’t vote at all stop complaining… The Philippines is a democratic country (too democratic in my opinion no one knows how to shut their mount… very opinionated) we elected the people who makes the system ergo we are the system… The effectiveness of the system has nothing to do whether its a third world country system or first world it relies on the people how they will make it work (that goes for both the one who implements and the one who follows)… If im not mistaken you are an OFW? that’s the reason for the comment… then have yourself naturalize in that country where you are working as slaves…

  3. RUI, in a first place, your vocabulary and your spelling is not good as it is, that makes you belong to the 3rd world country,.

    And the crazy system that you refers is the government system, thats your problem, like everyone else, you complain!! and in fact it doesnt help,.

    dont be arrogant in your country, in some part of your life, youve became a filipino, and im sure until now.


    I suggest you should bring your ballpen,.

  4. thanks for this info! overall it was good considering how much i had suffered from previous processes with the gov’t.. 😀

  5. yep kaya ng isang araw kung sa main ka punta kahit tanghali ka na kaya, pero kung sa satellite office nila at new applicant ka lng need maaga talaga.. as in bago pagbukas ng office(?) maski nga ata renewal… hehe

  6. are you open on saturday. november 27.. at 8am to 12 in the afternoon??
    please send me feedback.. because its an urgent need.. thanks..

  7. I have a best experience when i get my nbi clearance, i get it for only 3 hour”s. but that was in carriedo……….
    and now i want to renew my clearance, but have a problem in the location where to go, im not familiar on the new location

  8. ilang araw po ba bago makuha yung nbi clearance? hindi na po ba kailangan ang barangay at police clearance?

  9. Valid ID lang po ang kailangan.
    Sa mga new applicants punta lang kayo sa Victory mall
    sakay ng LRT baba ng Monumento station.
    kahit kanino kayo magtanong or better ask the security guards
    on duty kung saan ang way. malapit lng siya sa LRT station.
    Kung mag-aaply kayo ng 1PM at sa konting tiyaga, 4PM kuha nyo na ang
    certificate niyo.

  10. nong first time po ako kumuha nang NBI “hit” po so diko po nakuha agad then nong nag renew po ako nakuha ko na the same day pero sa carriedo ako pumunta noon,now need ko uli magrenew and sa SM MEGAMALL lang me ako pupunta makukuha ko po kaya agad?

  11. anu ano po ba talaga ang kailangan para sa NBI clearance ng new applicant?? may nagsasabi po kasi na tatlong id daw ang kailangan. tama po ba yun? o NSO birth certificate ay okay na? thank you po.

  12. Hello there.. ^^

    Im a 3rd yr. college student..

    pls. I need help regarding our Thesis.
    we’r now about to do the questionnaire and conduct a survey, could u please suggest some questions,

    Our thesis is about the processing of NBI Clearance..

    Thank you. I’ll wait for the response.

    God Bless.
    thanks for this site, ^^

  13. Just got my NBI clearance kanina at the new office at 5/F Victory Mall. Other than the long (extra extra long) queue for the application form and payment, I can say the process is almost okay na rin. Mabilis na lang ung other steps. I also suggest that when you pay, (esp. for new applicants), bring exact amount for payment kasi may machines dun na pwede pilahan instead na sa counter pa (para mas mabilis)..ako kasi walang exact amount pero ung friend ko dun na siya nagbayad..isang 100 bill and three 5-peso coins..

    Sana maging ganito rin kabilis and ka-efficient yung process sa may Puregold Imus sa Cavite..


    Thanks for this site! Good luck everyone! ^_^

  14. I have recently gone to NBI at Monumento, my gosh! sobrang haba ng pila it seemed senseless to que for hours just to get into the office. There is not enough signage and manning to inform people what to do and give directions. Most of the people that are on the que are just like stray cows, they just go with the flow and have no clue what the are doing and where they are going. I think the NBI director should look into this matter and simplify the process. I do not see the reason why the government need to transfer the this facility every time from NBI Taft to Carriedo ( rediculous why they charge people applying for clearance have to pay P20 to get into a government office!) and then to Monumento. And one more thing, tthe director should look into putting more NBI satelites and machines in other place in the metro to decongest the people flocking to the main office. I am a seafarer and i need to get my NBI clearance every six months for every contract, even though I have the NBI ID to speed up the process, but it still does not help me because I still have to go to the main office since: 1. there is no NBI office near our province that has a machine, 2. because I have a HIT (person with the same name who has a case). This really makes me quite upset and can not help to compare our country from the other countries I have visited, why can’t we make our country more productive and stop the red tape and corruption… but saying this I am still hoping for the future legislative to come up with the solutions and change this system in our country. There is still hope in our future.

  15. ask ko lang po wla po kasi akong valid I.D anu po bang pwd kong dalhin para po makakuha ako ng NBI? please paki sagot nmn po nid ko lang po urgent thx a lot

    God bless

  16. Question mga what time nagbubukas yung victory mall? kasi i’m planning to go there very early para less hassle?… mga 8 b bkas na yung mall??? thanks!

  17. I applied before sa Carriedo and so far, bukod sa mahaba talaga ang mga pila since there are thousands of people applying for clearance,maayos and polite naman yung experience. I have yet to try renewing for my clearance sa Monumento. Bet it will be a eal challenge since it will be my first time to go to Monumento! wish me luck guys! :)

  18. good eve guys…
    ask ko lang where to apply nbi id? what are the requirements needed? how much will it cost me? meron ba sa manila or sa caloocan meron ba?

  19. angeli .can i get ur number .kc ku2ha ako ng clearance bukas and my mga tanong akong hindi ko alam ung sagot .pede bang makisabay na lang ako sayo kc sa monumento din ako ku2ha e

  20. im a 1st time applicant of NBI clearance .i want to know if there’s any requirement for applying clearance other than birth certificate from NSO if i dont have any of those id’s ? please reply thx .

  21. @angel and Jesswel: Bakit po kayo nagtatanong, hindi po ba kayo marunong magbasa. Nasa taas po ang information na tinatanong ninyo.

    Kindly read na lang po, nagmumukha kase kayong engot eh. Sorry for the term.

  22. Hi Guys!

    Pag nag renew kayo ng NBI, gastusan ninyo na din ng para sa card, napaka laking ginhawa at iwas abala, tsaka huwag ninyo paabutin sa expiration…

    magdala na din kayo ng saktong barya, P 115 at sa bending na kayo magbayad kung meron…

    Init ng ulo, gutom, pagod at kawalan ng pasensiya aabutin mo kapag nagkataon na sobrang dami ng tao natapat yung pagpunta mo…

    ganito talaga ang pinoy, huwag na kayo magtaka pero nasa diskarte na yan…

    nakapag renew ako ng nbi ko(card) sa megamall, in less than 15 minutes…

    belive it or not…(tsamba hehe)


  23. nga po pala, kapag may card ka, kahit lagi kang may HIT dati, di na niya yun ma ttrace, puwera na lang kung talagang may kaso kayo…


  24. guys, ala bng quota s pgkuha ng clearnce? s bulcan kc meron. and untl wt tym ung ofice hours nla.. salamat!

  25. Hi admin, I just want to clarify, Magkano lahat ang babayaran ko pag nagparenew ako ng NBI tapos Change Status pa at change to travel abroad.. Yong old IBI ko kc family name ko sa dalaga pa at not travel abroad.. Babayaran ko ay 165 plus 115? Kindly advise..


  26. anu po gagawin sa pagkuha ng NBI clearance kapag ang gamit mong ap[elyedo ay sa asawa mo na? thankz for answering my question..

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