Best Broadband Service Provider in Metro Manila

Tired of Globe Broadband?

I am, and I have given up. I was initially happy having an own prepaid wireless connection saving me from the waiting for the internet connection in the house that I won’t be able to use. Unfortunately, that excitement easily went away when Globe is only reporting to me with GPRS connection and I can only browse sites at speeds slower than dial-up speeds.

Unlocked Globe Tattoo USB modem
Unlocked Globe Tattoo USB modem
Sun Speed Test
Sun Speed Test

A friend of mine has been recommending Sun Broadband then but I am a bit skeptical with Sun knowing he has worked there (am I right? He he he) so it might be another marketing ploy that I get easily fooled with. On the verge of selling my Globe Broadband Tattoo kit at a cheaper (lugi) price, I researched if it’s possible to unlock my Globe Tattoo modem and use another provider with it. There were some blog sites but they are full of motherhood statements saying it is possible but didn’t say how. After going through links and pages, I finally found the page that allowed me to use my Globe Tattoo device with another provider. Here are the steps (based from the Globe Tattoo software):

1) Know your device make and IMEI. The device information is found at the back of the modem or in your software, go to Tools->Diagnostics. You will see the device IMEI there.

2) Go to this site. Provide your IMEI and Huawei device model. If your device is not Huawei, stop here and browse the forums or somewhere else that can unlock your modem. Wait for minutes, hours (at most) for a reply for the unlock code for your device. People there are generous so just be patient.

3) This could be step 0 but I’ll place it here. Go to a Sun Shop, buy a Sun Wireless Broadband SIM card for only 50 pesos. This is pre-loaded with 5 hours internet. Since it would be bitin, buy also a 100 Wireless Broadband Prepaid card. Specify that you’re looking for the Wireless Broadband Prepaid card.

4) Insert the Sun sim card (or Smart) in the device. The device will prompt you for an unlock code. Provide the code in #2. You have 10 tries before busting the device. Luckily, I got mine at the first try.

5) Once unlocked, it is unlocked! You can now use any wireless provider aside from the despicable Globe Tattoo connection.

Of course, the signal is there but you need the settings right?

Sun Wireless Broadband
APN: minternet
Dial Number *99#

Smart Buddy
APN: internet
Dial Number *99#

With this information, I am taking the risk that many people would follow this route and at the same time flood the network of Sun. Who cares, I am happy with the service and I guess others should experience the same too. When I was in CDO, Globe is slower than Smart. Sad, I was only able to buy a Smart SIM card on my last day in CDO. I spent Php180 on Globe for a connection that hangs and I am automatically charged 5 pesos for that.

Goodbye Globe, Hello Sun and Smart!


Repost from Sir Patrick Oliveros, a batchmate from the University of the Philippines Manila (BS Computer Science graduate)

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Please share your Globe, Sun or Smartbro experiences below and help other buyers make sound decisions.

12 thoughts on “Best Broadband Service Provider in Metro Manila”

  1. I agree that as of now, Sun Broadband Wireless has the best service in the Metro… but stick to the prepaid, even if they are in the same network, the postpaid service is BIG headache. Think PBB if you’re planning to get their postpaid service.

  2. I am using Smartbro roofmount for over two years now. So far, wala naman problem. Minsan lang mawalan ng connection and they take action naman kaagad. Nung nasira yung power supply mabilis naman yung contractors.

    But recently, my Smartbro prepaid failed me. Di ko magamit. Pero bawas yung load ko. Ngaun, I’m here sa Manila, gamit ko Smartbro prepaid pero mejo mabagal.

    Can’t use Sun kase Bicol-based ako. Wala pa capability yung Sun Broadband kahit sa Legazpi city. Too bad.

  3. yeah ung sun sa manila lng ata? anyways buti ka pa pinagsilbihan ka ni smartbro ako hindi, mga 3 months na cguro since nagbayad ako para magpaconnect taz d naman pala pwede sa place ko anyway do you think i can still get back the money i paid? ksi nacancel naman yun 😀 xadong off topic na me?

  4. Thanks for the terrific tips, Ronald. I’ve tried Globe, SMART, and Sun. Sometimes, Sun is faster than SMART outside Metro Manila.

    At the height of Ondoy, I was able to keep in touch with relatives via Twitter, thanks to SBW.

    In the end, I’m sticking with both SMART and Sun.

  5. broadband internet these days are dirt cheap, there are more and more broadband companies offering cheap service too””.

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