President Noynoy Aquino SONA 2010 Reaction Paper

President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III is expected to deliver his first ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 26, 2010 . As early as this week there are many speculations on what the focus will be on Monday.

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GMA 7 and the obvious biased network, ABS-CBN will cover the first SONA of Aquino. But again as early as today, ABS-CBN is conditioning the minds of the public. They even had a news feature on TV Patrol surveying people on what their expectations are on the content of President Aquino’s speech.

Noynoy Aquino SONA 2010
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Do you think that’s fair? No! That is clear mind conditioning and propaganda.

Speaking of propaganda, if you don’t have access to alternative media like the internet and other cable channels, chances are you are watching or reading biased reports from media and business owners pushing for their own interest.

Are you aware that Ricky Carandang is a propagandist of Noynoy Aquino. They are part of the team of image-builders who projected Aquino as the savior of the Philippines when in fact, he is not. Could you even think of Noynoy’s accomplishment in his 12 years as a legislator? None.

But you expect something from him? If yes, then you are a victim of a propaganda. They are very good at it.

Do you think my accusations are baseless and plain hearsay? Then, read this:

It’s out and official: Ricky’s a propagandist!

Picture this, if President GMA is still in power, how do think the media will react with the death tolls in the recent Typhoon Basyang? How about this water shortages?

Yes. You imagined it right! The blame will be at the Gloria… But do you see the same scenario right now? No! Because they are protecting their “puppet”. A puppet that will in return protect their business interests. Do you realize the power of Lopezes nowadays? They own the basic services: electricity, water, media, transportation.

Only in the Philippines, a president singing in front of reporters before a typhoon hits the country and scolds the weather bureau (PAGASA) for missed forecast.

So you still expect something out of nothing?

Expect the expected! You will hear lies on his first State of the Nation Address (SONA). Anticipate a speech made by great propagandists. Good to hear but empty. Plain empty.

I believe many readers would hate me after they find this post on major search engines when they start searching for a reaction paper to President Noynoy Aquino’s first SONA. I am very sure that high school and college students will send me hate messages again like what happened with my published reaction to his inaugural address.

But this is the truth. Students should be critical. They should dig deeper on the intent of the information gathered from the mainstream media like TV and newspapers.

I am a political science graduate and I was once blinded by them. But not anymore! The true state of the nation is out on the streets. Poverty, unemployment, overpopulation and corruption remain.

President Noynoy Aquino SONA 2010 Full Transcript

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157 thoughts on “President Noynoy Aquino SONA 2010 Reaction Paper”

  1. ahhh astig ng mena nag eenglish hahhaa
    kunin ko men areaction nyo huh :)

    tnx pur advance

    >pero wag nman agad tayo mag husga sa mga nangyayari
    tingnan natin
    sa pag sisi nyo kay p-noy me mangyayari ba???

    dapat kung hindi manya magawa yun
    try natin na tayo gumawa sa mge simpleng gwain
    sa pag sunod panga sa batas,,

    hindi nyo magawa tpos ganyan pa kayo mag reklamo sa kanya
    buti pasya nag iisip kahit gaano na maaus ang pilipinas …
    ehh tayo??

    tapon sa kabila ng basura kahit saan..
    kaya suport lng tayo kung magawa nya good pero kung hindi better luck next tym daba?????


    <share lang ho :)

    tnx ulet

  2. wow,, galing namn ng mga comments nyo, pero ang totoo wla kayong nagawa for yourself. . . . . .. . . . . hanep,,, magbago n kayo,,,, mga boss ni pnoy

  3. I was helping my girlfriend make her PolSci report when I came across this article. I was disappointed while I was reading this, because come to think of it, what did we ever do to alleviate poverty, corruption and overpopulation?

    Please take note, I said we. Not you. Why is that? Because if you did not make any step in correcting a problem, then what right do you have to complain? Did you ever reprimand a public official for using a wang-wang when not needed? Under the 1987 constitution you most definitely can. Have you given any aid to any NGO or charitable institution? If not, then most probably PNOY’s been doing more than you are. Think of it carefully, making someone a president doesn’t make him an instant solution to the problem.

    I certainly believe that you cannot judge a politician because he made a conscious effort to look good to the people. Be it through a “biased” network like ABS-CBN or through “propagandists”, a politician’s career rests on his charisma and his ability to connect himself to the voters.

    As a PolSci student, your professor would most certainly have been saddened by this deeply opinionated and misguided rant. Did you ever get any proof for the accusations you made my friend? Do you know that this can be branded as LIBELOUS and therefore can be pursued in a court of low as a conscious maligning of a public official?


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