Blogging is something that you do when you write down your thoughts, opinions, intentions and ideas into posts that you publish online. You are then compiling a digital journal of reasons and ideas that can be valued both at a personal level and from a business marketing perspective. There are many ways of writing your […]

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Having your own blog/website can be a bit intimidating for newbies. Some have notions that you need technical skills in order to start. Others are scared to try out blogging as a source of income because of the perception that you need a big amount of money. These are not true. Skills Required There are […]


4 Simple Strategies on How to Get Traffic to My Blog

February 23, 2012

In order to make decent earnings online, you need enough amount of traffic. Online income would depend on the number of visitors to your blog or website. If you are an Adsense publisher, you need visitors to earn. Obviously, you need proven strategies on how to get traffic to your blog fast. Common sense: The […]

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Why I Don’t Recommend Free Blogging Platforms to Make Money Online

January 27, 2012

Many have realized that blogging is a good source of income, either part-time or full-time. Even business owners have recognized the importance of having a blog to further promote their products and services on the internet. However, newbies asked me a hundred times or more: Can I make enough money using free blogging platforms. Yes, […]

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What is Search Engine Optimization and How Can It Help Your Business

January 18, 2012

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important aspect of an online business which should be given much attention from the very start. The success of a blog or website will greatly depend on one’s effort to be found on the internet. SEO, in the simplest term, is the process of getting your business, blog/website […]

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How to Make a Blog in Less than 10 Minutes and Make Money Online

January 7, 2012

I’ve been asked a lot of times on how to start a blog or website because he/she wants to make money online. I have received hundreds of queries through my CONTACT FORM. Actually, anyone can have their own professional website in less than 10 minutes as long as you have the capacity to pay thru […]

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How to Pay Bills Online Using Banco de Oro Internet Banking

January 5, 2012

Paying bills online is much better than queuing in the banks, Smart Wireless centers or Bayad Centers. If you have a bank account it is better to enroll in internet banking services to have a convenient way in checking your credit card bills and paying other bills such electric, cable, insurance, telephone, etc. I’ve been […]

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How to Help CDO, Iligan and other Victims of Typhoon Sendong

December 18, 2011

Please share article on Facebook and Twitter. (CLICK Buttons above) Cagayan de Oro (CDO) and Iligan City were the worst hit by the recent typhoon Sendong in the Philippines. Latest body counts now reached 1,010 plus (as of December 22, 2011) and several hundreds are still missing and feared dead. Here’s an aerial view of […]

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How to Withdraw Google Adsense Earnings through Western Union

December 17, 2011

In my previous post, I have shown you my Adsense earnings amounting to 1831.86 US Dollars through live and unedited video where I logged in my account to prove that there is indeed a great income opportunity without leaving the comforts of your home. In this post, I will show you how to withdraw your […]

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Filipino Adsense Earnings Amounting to 1831.86 US Dollars

December 6, 2011

Adsense is one of the ways on how to make money blogging in the Philippines. In my previous post, I promised to show you live earnings on my Adsense account. I have explained before that earning money online could be from different streams such as virtual assistant jobs, article writing, web design, blog maintenance, customer […]

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